Sample GD-77 DMR Code Plug

Here is a sample code plug for the GD-77

It is written on software release 3.1.1 and firmware 3.2.1

But I think it will work on most releases.


The programming software can be downloaded from the radioddity web site.


It has 2 zones

                The first is the Phil/Rox repeater and the 8804 talk group

                The second is for a n OpenSpot2 and Brandmeister


All someone would have to do is fill in their call sign / Name in the boot menu

And their call sign and DMR number in the menu


I did find two firmware bugs

  1. You must first unlock the frequency (Directions are in the download from Radioditty)
  2. You must change the standby box in the menu screen from double double to double single.


I added the Warminster analog repeater in a third zone.


Chris  -  N3PLM

Download this file (Sample GD-77 Code Plug.dat)Sample GD-77 Code Plug.dat[ ]128 kB