Harris Platinum TV Module Information

Attached is a zip file with schematics and other information regarding the Harris Platinum Low Band TV Module.

Some additional information, from AA2UK:

"If the amp is throwing the dreaded 3 red light blink code, you can bypass this for testing or to make the amplifier operational by taking the bottom cover off, located the small shielded box that has the control board in it, then locate IC-U1 by pin 1 there is a push on jumper move it from the center (goes to pin 1 of U1) and 5vdc pin change it from pin 1 to ground. Now the amp will ignore ISO (Isolated Site Operation) bypassing this mode. It will allow you to operate the amplifier for troubleshooting or standard operating (if you can't find any errors on any of the 1 of 4 RF modules)."

Download this file (Harris-Platinum-Info.zip)Harris-Platinum-Info.zip[ ]737 kB