loaner DMR radio channels, Interstate Network link

Hello Friends,

If you have one of the loaner DMR HTs through the courtesy of Nick N3YMS, you might want to know the pre-programmed repeater channels (for the Packrat talk group).  The attached JPEG image will help you out.

Also, if you want to know if you are making it into the Roxborough or other repeater hosting the Packrat talk group, the following link shows the Interstate Network Control Center:

Interstate Network (

Stay tuned for more information from John KA3LAO with information from his 10/17/2019 presentation to the Packrats about DMR and the Packrat talkgroup. 


Michael KB1JEY

Download this file (channels_for_N3YMS_loaner_DMR_radios.jpg)channels_for_N3YMS_loaner_DMR_radios.jpg[channel assignment for N3YMS loaner Motorola DMR HTs]567 kB