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Updated Thursday, June 22, 2017


Technical Articles

Pack Rat GPS Receiver Project with 10 MHz output

GPS receiver with a disciplined, low noise 10 MHz oven output using a surplus board ... Instructions and Details - PDF

Copy and Paste address into XLoader

W/LCD Display ...... Project/GPS_Controller_display.ino.hex
No LCD Display ...... Project/GPS_Controller_-_NO-LCD.ino.hex

Pack Rat 10 MHz Reference Oscillator Kit

A project kit using surplus 10 MHz Oven Oscillators. Instruction Manual PDF

Conversion of 'ITS' MMDS 2.4 GHz Translator to Amateur Use

From a presentation made at the Pack Rats 2009 VHF Conference: By WA2OMY and WA3YUE. PDF

W3RJW's AM6154/55 Conversion for 432 MHz

Here is the conversion process used by W3RJW (ex. WA3AXV) to convert the Fair Radio amps for use on the 432 MHz amateur band. Step by step instructions are included. "PDF" file available. Also, see Power Supply Info Here

Parabolic Antennas and Their Feeds by N3AOG

An excellent distillation of dish antenna information and the construction of practical feeds. N3AOG has done a lot of research to pull together all this information. This article was first published in the "Pack Rat Notes", September 1995. "PDF" file available.

Waveguide Around the Rotor by W3RJW

Use waveguide from the shack to the antenna by using flexible waveguide around the rotor. "PDF" file available.

W3CCX Microwave Beacon Schematics

Shown are schematics of the W3CCX 3.4, 5.7 and 10.3 GHz Beacons. Its really quite easy to put a beacon on the microwave bands. See our "Links" page for a microwave slot antenna design.

Frequency West Microwave Source

Learn what to look for when shopping sources plus technical data.

Using Computer Software to Design a 6M Yagi

WA1YHO uses a yagi optimizing program to design a 6m beam with special characteristics. A pair of these antennas are used by W3CCX in the June contest.

Power Dividers Using Waveguide by W3RJW

An unusual approach to VHF/UHF power divider construction using microwave waveguide. "PDF" file available.

Quick Picks from W3KM ( ex. WA3JUF )

Short "How to" articles from the notebook of W3KM. Must reading.

W3RJW's Blasts from the Past

Short "How to" articles on various subjects from old issues of Cheese Bits.

90 Degree Connector Loss: Problem or not?

Should you be using 90 degree "N" connectors in your microwave station? Also, see more Here

HP Power Sensor Quick Test

Information from W6BY on how to do a quick go-nogo test on hamfest 'bargains'. "PDF" file available.

Microwave Slot Antenna Design

Information on the design of slot antennas by Stephen Bell, KB7TRZ.  "PDF" file available.

Comments on the Yaesu FTV-1000 Transverter by W3RJW

Top of the line for 6 meters. But it does have some quirks. "PDF" file available.

Parabolic Dish Calculations by W3HMS

Excel Spread Sheet to calculate various parabolic dish parameters.