Cheese Bits August 2021

August 2021 Cheese Bits


  • July (WebEx) Meeting Pictures
  • The Digital Dilemma - Adapting to a balanced use of FT8 and SSB/CW in VHF Contests -WA3NUF
  • June VHF Saga - W3ICC / W2PED
  • K0BAK 222 & Up Contest Rove Report
  • What can You Do with Two Rigs and Only One Power Cord - K1DS
  • Slot Antennas: Wire Reciprocity - KP4AQI
  • Pics of Downed Tower at K1WHS 
  • What the latest infrastructure bill says about 3.1-3.45 GHz Bevin Fletcher (via WA3NUF)
  • K0BAK/R CQ WW VHF Rove Report
  • Extracting DC Power from a Personal Computer - K0BAK
  • The Wayback Machine -K3IUV
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