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Updated Thursday, January 7, 2016
June Contest W3CCX Beacons

Pack Rat Nets

The Pack Rats initiated VHF nets on Monday night the first year the club was formed. The nets are now conducted on Monday and Tuesday nights of each week. The nets are open to all radio amateurs. The purpose of the nets is to promote activity and share information of a common interest to the VHF community. You do not have to be a member of the club to participate in any of the Pack Rat nets!
TIME (Local) Frequency Net Control Station Alternate Net Control Station
7:30 PM 50.145Mhz N3RG (FM29ki) WA3QPX
8:00 PM 144.150Mhz K3GNC (FN20ja)  
8:30 PM 222.125Mhz KB1JEY (FN20je)
8:30 PM 224.58R W3GXB (FN20jm)  KB1JEY
9:00 PM 432.110Mhz WB2RVX (FM29mt) WA3GFZ
7:30 PM *902 and Above K3TUF (FN10we)

* Tuesday evening net will start at 7:30PM by meeting on 144.260Mhz and/or (Chat Page)
From there several operators will move with folks up through the microwave bands if desired.
Tuesday net will run from 7:30PM - 8:30PM, or later, as traffic demands.

June Contest Information and Pictures

The Pack Rat Camelback June Contest Handbook (.PDF)

MS Word Version (.DOC)

Map to Camelback

Each June finds the Pack Rats at some remote location with three yellow rental trucks full of radio equipment. The Pack Rats have been operating as a club during the June QSO Party contest for over 35 years. For about the first 20 years it was from the old civic grounds in the center of Hilltown, PA, EPA Section. Then it was Valley Forge Mountain, PA (EPA Section) , Spruce Knob, WVA (4863 Feet) (FM08), Chestnut Ridge (2405 feet) near Taterville, PA (Clearfield County) in FN01 and most recently from atop Camelback Mountain, Big Pocono State Park in Tannersville, PA (FN21). The pictures below are a small sample of the Pack Rat contest efforts over the years.

Pack Rat Beacons

Beacon Logo


N 39o 57.266' W 75o 10.733'

Philadelphia, PA


The Pack Rats operate VHF/UHF/Microwave beacons which serve as propagation indicators and allow weak signal operators to test their receivers even when there is no other activity on the bands. The Beacons are located on top of a high rise building in center city Philadelphia in grid square FM29JW.

VHF/UHF Beacons
50.080 MHz
144 MHz
222.062 MHz
432.290 MHz
Power Level
0.3 Watts
4 Watts
5 Watts
3 Ele. Halo
Single Loop
Big Wheel

Microwave Beacons
Frequency 903.072 MHz 1296.264 MHz 2304 MHz 3456.200 MHz 5760 MHz 10368.034 MHZ
Power Level 5 Watts 5 Watts NA 5 Watts NA 1/2 Watt
Antenna Little Wheel Alford Slot 16 Slot 32 Slot

Latest W3SZ Beacon Frequency Observations - Excel Spreadsheet

 Warning: Do not use these frequencies to calibrate your pace maker.
The beacons are in an unheated/uncooled room and are subject to day to day frequency changes. Use common sense.